Economic diplomacy has been prioritized : Minister for Foreign Affairs

२३ असार २०७६, सोमबार

Kathmandu, 8 July  : Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said the nation’s foreign policy hinged on the cooperation of all sides and not only on government’s lone efforts.

He said this in a meeting of the National Assembly today while responding to queries raised by lawmakers in course of deliberations on various topics related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contained in the Appropriation Bill, 2076 BS. “Caution was required in diplomacy as it is a sensitive issue.

The diplomatic code of conduct should be followed. Economic diplomacy has been gaining significant place and Nepal’s foreign relations is conducted on the basis of international politics and geo-politics,” the Minister for Foreign Affairs said.

Stating that Nepal has established diplomatic relations with 166 countries of the world, he said, “the diplomatic relations have been expanded on the basis of mutual benefit and interest along the line of ‘friendship with all, enmity with none’ principle. The government has adopted a policy of increasing the attraction towards Nepal in the international arena.

” He said it was necessary to take the message of Nepal’s unique peace process, the role played by Nepal in the environment conservation sector and climate change reduction, and the contribution it has made towards inclusive democracy, human rights and women empowerment to the world community.

Foreign Affairs Minister Gyawali added that works have been initiated to take suggestions and advice regarding the country’s foreign policy and international relations by organizing a national workshop in participation of various sides of society.

“Relations will be expanded on the basis of mutual benefit and welfare. Economic diplomacy has been kept in priority. Efforts have been made to have exchange of high-level visits from neighbouring countries and it is Nepal’s firm belief that SAARC and BIMSTEC should be kept as complementary to each other and not as competitors,” the Foreign Affairs Minister said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working together with the other ministries for safeguarding the country’s borders.

Works are in progress to demarcate the international borders between two countries and systematizing the border pillars (markers). The open border between Nepal and India is a historical legacy. Stating that the report of the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) formed to give suggestions contributing to further strengthen and expand the friendly relations between Nepal and India has not been formally made public anywhere, he said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not overlooked the National Assembly.

The National Assembly lawmakers had questioned on various issues, including why the Passport Bill was presented before the President without tabling it in the National Assembly, before this. 


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