Sonia, Rahul meet first time Congress MPs at orientation programme

New Delhi [India], 9 July  (ANI)।
UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday met newly elected first time MPs of the party at an orientation programme here. “This was a workshop (for) newly-elected members from Congress party.

They don’t know parliamentary proceedings. So, CPP chairperson asked me to organise one workshop for newly elected members. The members have been given training,” said Congress leader K Suresh. Sharing further details, party leader Saptagiri Ulaka said, “This was an internal programme.

It was mostly around orientation and getting to know each other. She (Sonia Gandhi) cheered us up and wished us all luck to counter the BJP and fight unitedly. Rahul Gandhi also addressed us. It was an orientation programme for first time MPs.”

Sonia Gandhi has called a meeting of the party’s Lok Sabha MPs today. Sonia Gandhi has called the meeting in the capacity of being the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party. The meeting will be attended by only Lok Sabha MPs. (ANI)