7 children killed by land mine explosion in eastern Syria

DAMASCUS, 10 July ।  State TV reported that at least seven children were killed in a mine mine in the eastern province of Syria.

The land mine exploded in the town of Dablan in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, the report said.

It added that the land is mine from the leftovers of the Islamic State (IS), who had controlled the town last year from its liberation last year.
It’s the latest casualty to be reported by similar explosions in Syria.

Land mines have killed dozens of people in the formerly rebel-held areas, while government-led efforts to remove mines for the safety of civilians.
On April 11, three children were killed and another was injured by a bomb blast in a land mine in southern Syria.

On March 6, seven civilians were killed by a land mine in Aleppo in northern Syria. Later March, another nine people were killed by a land mine in Aleppo province.

On Feb. 24, a total of 24 civilians were killed by similar explosions in central Syria. Enditem