World Populations Day: Time to remain alert on population imbalance

प्रकाशित मिति : July 11, 2019

Kathmandu, 11 July ।
Prime Minster KP Sharma Oli has said that it is imperative to capitalize the population as an opportunity for economic development and social transformation in the country.

The Prime Minister said that the important aspects of the population are paramount impacts on economic growth and development plans and programs, PM Oli said in a message delivered on the occasion of World Population Day.

He asked the concerned authorities and stakeholders to emphasize on the reproductive management than the control provided improvements are already in the standard standards of people.

He further urged to pay attention to the management aspects in mind that the results were made in the indicators of policy and education and health and employment opportunities to reproduce rates by reducing population growth.

The World Population Day is being observed throughout the world (on July 11) at the Call of the United Nations.

“Nepal’s life expectancy has increased with immoderate decline in the rate of child mortality and mortality of people of all ages and currently there is a majority of active population ages in the country.” in the message.

The trend of gender-based discrimination is gradually falling on the child’s childhood, he said however ill-practice of sex selection in the embryo or discrimination on the child is visible in society.

He also cautioned the gender ratio of the child’s birth due to demographic imbalance.

The government is cautious on providing opportunity to participate in the economic independence of the government, PM said, adding that the government has prioritized the security nets of senior citizens from social, economic, family and residential aspects as well as their health services fitness.

“The government has adopted the policy of zero tolerance to any form of child labor and discrimination. The efforts are being made to make negative changes in the positive consequences of malpractices such as child marriage. The incumbent government is committed to inhuman practice of child marriage “, the message reads.

Prime Minister Oli went on saying that the government was also trying to make the country’s socio-economic transformation to the maximum contribution to the active population for the environment.

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