DPM Pokhrel stresses on protecting people’s cultural identity

Kathmandu, 3 Oct 

Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokhrel has said people’s traditional identity and customs should not be attacked in the name of a cultural revolution.
Taking part in the Durga Puja celebrations organized by the Trishakti Youth Club at the Kathmandu metropolis-5 of Hadigaun on Wednesday, the Deputy Prime Minister said no one should attack the other’s faith and beliefs regarding their religion, culture. and customs. “Religion and culture are the contributions of our ancestors and it is our responsibility to protect them,” he asserted.
Also speaking on the same occasion, former Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat said efforts were made by the club to protect goods cultural practices were exemplary. Describing our religion, culture and customs as bases for prosperity and identity, he advised the government to take a little serious towards that end.