Present political system is shared by all: NC Vice President

Biratnagar, 14  : Oct Vice President of the Nepali Congress Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar has said it was the responsibility of all to defend the present political system as it is shared by all.

Talking briefly to journalists at Biratnagar Airport today, he reiterated that everyone has equal responsibility to institutionalize the constitution which is the making of the present system attained through people’s sacrifice.
The Vice President of the main opposition party suggested the ruling party to carry out works hand-in-hand with the opposition party, adding that the presence of the leaders of the ruling party in the tea reception organised by the Nepali Congress sent out the message of cooperation, collaboration and unity.

He reiterated that the ruling and the opposition parties should take up the responsibility of defending the constitution as it is a common document of all. “Since democracy has been attained with the sacrifice made by the people and not something ‘gifted’ by anyone out of generosity, it would only be a dream if anyone wishes to decimate it,” he observed.
Saying development could not take momentum in the past due to political instability, he hoped that development and peace would be materialized now as the present government has two-thirds majority support.