International film festival from Feb 13

३ माघ २०७६, शुक्रबार
Nepal International Film Festival

 Kathmandu, Jan 17 : The third Nepal International Film Festival is being held in Kathmandu from February 13 to 18.

A total of 79 films would be screened in the film festival to be organized by Nepal Film and Cultural Academy. Minister of State for Urban Development Rambir Manandhar informed that the film festival would help boost Nepal’s image.

He argued the cine artists could play significant role on country’s development and prosperity. They need to highlight the issues of national importance in the film sector, he added.

The Minister of State Manandhar suggested the film makers that they prioritized the country and nationalism. According to him, various countries including India and the US have given due importance to the national identity in film, but Nepali films are yet to grasp the identity issues.

On the occasion, noted cine artist Nir Shah said it was positive that various organizations were active to develop and promote national film industry. Cooperation from all sides is essential to internationalize Nepali films, he stressed.

Academy Chairman KP Pathak informed that during the festival, there would be 10 international films, 35 short films, five Nepali films, 15 short Nepali films, eight documentaries and six animated films. These were selected out of 600 films from various 55 countries, he added.

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