PM Oli calls to prevent COVID-19 with high morale, mutual unity   

७ चैत्र २०७६, शुक्रबार
Nepal PM KP sharma Oli scaled

 Kathmandu, March 20 (RSS):    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged one and all to adopt high morale and mutual unity to defeat the pandemic of coronavirus.     

In this address to the nation this evening, the PM shared the government steps taken to combat the possible outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.    

At a time when most of the countries in the world are suffering from the deadly Covid-19, its infection’s direct effect was not visible in Nepal so far but we are not in a position to be assured from this, PM Oli said. “I have always prioritised the citizen’s health and security.

I have given directions from the very beginning to be safe from the possible risks and the impacts to be caused by making clear plan of action,” PM Oli shared.    

Saying that it’s not difficult to fight against the pandemic, the PM has stressed the need for changes in our practices and daily life.    

In his speech, the PM asked the people to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer; avoid the crowds; stay at home as far as possible; abide by the prescriptions of doctors, experts and technicians; not to be influenced by the rumours and apply restraints.    

According to the PM, for the control and remedy of the infections, the government will leave no stone unturned and the services of the hospitals across the country and management of the equipment as well as required human resources are kept in priority.    

Similarly, in its attempt to fight against the possible outbreak of the infection, the PM announced to encourage the private sectors to deliver their services through electronic medium as far as possible but the delivery of the highly-essential services would be regular and as usual from the government offices.    

PM also warned of severe action to those involved in the black marketing. “I would like to assure you the government is effortful to bring back the life to a normal situation by ending this uneasy situation soon,” the PM said.    

The resolution motion floated in the Federal Parliament and its unanimous passage as well as the statements expressed by the lawmakers in the all-party meeting has exhibited the aspiration that the whole nation is united to troubleshoot this problem and it is a matter of happiness, the PM said in this speech.    
PM Oli said, “I would like to urge all the government bodies, all civil society organizations and the media to express national spirit with mutual support in this campaign.” Saying that he had noticed the problems faced by Nepalis living abroad to return home, PM Oli urged them to establish contact with the diplomatic missions in the countries concerned and not to get stressed and worried in this hour.    
In his statement, the PM has also made his commitment to move ahead with Nepal’s neighbouring countries, regional friends and international communities with mutual goodwill and cooperation to fight against the pandemic coronavirus.    
Likewise, the PM has extended gratitude to all types of goodwill and supports received so far from the international communities including both the neighbouring countries and other friendly countries.    
Furthermore, PM Oli has expressed the confidence for the continued support from neighbours, other friendly countries and well-wisher organisations in coming days as well. “At this hour, the country has demanded everyone’s firm willpower and higher level of confidence,” he said.    
The PM stated that our willpower, high morale and mutual unity shall play a decisive role to control and defeat this pandemic coronavirus and move forward.    

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