Code of conduct is fully committed towards freedom of opinion and expression, right to information, press freedom among other International values and code of conducts. Journalistic principles for Protection, preservation and prevalence of the citizens’ fundamental rights, and professional practice of journalism on the basis of international values and norms are the only way and light for Nayapage. We do not publish any kind of news products or opinions that is against the country’s sovereignty, national integrity and social harmony.

We do not publish content that promotes violence, terrorism, obscenity, and crime, transmitting information, disseminating visual and photo publishing, public health or overturning content related to the suffering of the victim or affected. Misuse of photos and visuals and the inappropriate use of technology are prohibited for the publishing of news content against any individual, organization, group or country. We are always open to respond or refuse to anyone who has any concern with the content we publish or transmit.

  • प्रधान सम्पादक
  • राजेश राई
  • कार्यकारी सम्पादक
  • राजु शिवा
  • सूचना विभाग दर्ता नं.
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