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Nayapage.com is an online portal, operated by Media Network Pvt. Ltd. It has been running since 7th April, 2015. It publishes its contents in two languages: English and Nepali. It’s headquarter is in Kathmandu, federal capital of Nepal. Along with that, it also has its branch offices at Jordan city of Hong Kong and Aldershot city of United Kingdom.

Nayapage publishes national and international news along with opinions and interviews. It especially includes news and analysis on politics, sports, finance, entertainment, information technology, education, tourism, health and labor among other categories.

This is one of the popular online portals in Nepal, which is different not only on design, but on news publishing style as well.

Apart from that, the online also has special readers. It is the only online portal with huge number of readers and followers from Army and British Gurkha Community. This is very popular among 2 million British Gurkha families, 5 million Indian Gorkha and 20,000 Singapore Gurkha and their families. Nayapage has a separate page for Gurkhas. 

There are more than 45,000 Nepalis in Hong Kong. A special page has been produced so as to include news and opinions from Nepalis living in hong Kong. Nayapage is very popular among the Nepalese community in Hong Kong.

Nayapage is registered in Information and Broadcasting Department and Press Council as per the Mass Communication policy regulated by Nepal Government. Its registration number is 1802/076-77. It has been paying revenues as per the norms of the Nepal Government since its registration in the Office of the Company Registrar and In-land Revenue office.

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